Non-fungible token (NFT) promotion is a way to raise awareness for a crypto-based product. For the NFT sale to successfully occur, a marketing plan is extremely critical.

In order for NFTs to be successful in marketing campaigns, it is important for them to have both a strong product and strong marketing campaign behind them. There are few key aspects that cannot be ignored if you want the NFT to be a success. You need to have a good communications plan as to how you communicate about yourself & your art on all social media platforms. NFT artists can use some strategies like banner ads, videos, or blog posts to promote their program. They can also work with influencers who have large social media followings and get them on board as partners in the project.

NFT Promotion Techniques

Let’s go through few critical points that can help market the NFT.

  1.   Storytelling is an extremely critical for the collector to understand both, the art & the artist.  While this may seem complicated, but if you think it through there must be some though which would have triggered you to create the NFT. Try discussing the story in your close circle, observe what really interests people & accordingly, communicate your story. Things you can ideally cover in the story:

About NFT Artist: Talk about your personal brand, your USP, provide background

About NFT Art: Talk about “behind the scene,” reason for this particular creation, the story about it

  1.   Social Media

Twitter, Instagram & Reddit – The holy trinity

There is no polite way to say this but if your art is not being talked about on digital platform, does it even exist as an NFT? With the inherent nature of NFT being digital, it is critical that your newly minted NFT has social media presence.

In case you are lucky to have a good following, advertise your art on your page & use appropriate hashtags to increase its visibility. If not (or even if you have great following), reach out to your networks/friends who will probably be happy to help you to further put posts about your work in their posts, tweets, story. Remember, more is less. Try covering all the social media platform. You never know where your potential collector may spot your work!

Your art page needs to resonate with the kind of work you do. Link your other work in the bio so a collector gets a good idea of your portfolio. Ensure personal touches to your page as that can be differentiator for your work.

Clubhouse & Discord

Join existing communities. Actively support other artists, talk about your art & create genuine connections! NFT community, in parts, is very tightly knit. Reach out to established people in NFT & pitch your work. Get feedback.  They may even lead you to potential collectors. Have a very open mind while being in these rooms. There is tremendous learning that can stem from hearing about other people’s work.

Being part of community will effectively help you plan your drop parties, talk about your art, engage with people & effectively get the word out for your NFT. Also, if you do find yourself in a sticky place (NFT theft, wallet issue….enough for an independent post) , having the support of a community who can vouch & stand for you will be extremely helpful.

  1.   The Platform

Reach out to the platform where you have minted your NFT. Explore the option of them promoting your work. Few platforms have barter system, wherein, you can tweet/write blogs for them & return they will show your NFT on the front page.

  1.   3rd Party PR & Advertising

While we don’t necessarily suggest this for various reasons (lack of personal touch, story may get distorted, cost aspects etc.), we do understand that not everybody is comfortable marketing their NFT. In those cases, you can explore the option of reaching out to a third party, if you have the budget to accommodate it. Be clear with your expectations with them & the level of service they will provide. Ensure your & brand identity is not distorted & they can further push your story. To safeguard yourself, have a clear agreement with the third part agent. We do advise not sharing your wallet details with anyone.

  1.   Get Creative 

You have an absurd idea but have not seen anyone else do it? PURSUE IT. If you need to run it pass anyone, we at NFTflo are happy to hear it out & give honest feedback. NFT is a place where creativity is respected so you will find your crowd with a unique plan.

While you strategize & proceed with these marketing tactics, be true to yourself & people around you about the work. Also, the right investor takes time to come around, don’t get dishearten if it takes longer than you expected. Instead, reevaluate your marketing plan, make some changes & get at it again ! A

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