Sherwin Mathew

Sherwin Mathew Thomas

I’m a newbie to NFT. Just starting to keep my baby steps towards it.. Have enough experience in Crypto field & very much fascinated by NFT World.

01 – NFT Story

“Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work.” – Andres Tapia, Author & an Inclusion Strategist. This NFT shows the mixing of diversified personalities (also represented as different projects). Join your hands and work together.

Nika Kotláriková

I am a freelancer artist. I do whatever makes me fulfilled. Predominantly it is movement, but also photography and posing. Very important to me is to make a progress, to cultivate and educate myself.

Nikola Kotláriková

02 – NFT Story

I see inclusiveness like a circle, like a shape. We are shaping ourselves to fit into this circle. Sometimes it is pretty difficult to form ourselves to fit. It takes practice, time and patience as well.


Kaustubh Mishra

This is Kaustubh Mishra Street and portrait photographer from India I have 4 years of experience and exploring everyday adding a new chapter off Street to my life

03 – NFT Story

Every picture has a unique Identity it has something special from the other one let it be emotions let it be the expressions anything this picture says it all only with the eyes and that it is the the inclusiveness of this picture.



I do take photos & I know to work on Photoshop, Premier Pro etc. I do mainly post on Instagram & I’m a newbie to Twitter & Crypto world. I’m very much fascinated about the NFT space as a whole & eagerly waiting to contribute my talent to make it a wonderful metaverse & be a part of it. But I don’t have any much knowledge about the listing procedure of NFT’s & since I’m a student, currently I’m not financially capable to mint and list them. I think from these kind of contests which do support the upcoming artists will help me a lot to find a way for it.

#InclusiveNFT - Thomasjoseph Parts

04 – NFT Story

The famous #LGBT #PRIDE color spectrum which symbolizes the diversity of human sexuality and gender. This NFT also tells us that all type of artists either pixel, photography, painting, graphics etc. has equal consideration in the NFT space.