T0 commemorate the international day of Democracy, nftflo is launching the #InclusiveNFT contest. We want to celebrate the inclusivity and equality offered by NFTs and we are inviting you all to participate in this celebration and win prizes worth upto USD 3000.


NFTFLO Inclusive NFT Contest Banner

The contest is open to all artists & creators.

From now until September 30, (Extended from earlier September 10, 2021 as per requests from artists)share your best artwork on the theme of “Inclusivity” using the hashtag #TheInclusiveNFT

The winners of the contest will receive cash prize and minted NFT of their art.

How to enter

  1. Follow @nft_flo on Twitter and @nftflo on Instagram
  2. Submit your entry on the this link, it will be tweeted on @nft_flo account post review.
  3. Share the original tweet with your friends and ask them to vote for your artwork by liking your artwork.

*Entries will be accepted until September 30, 2021.

Submit your #InclusiveNFT entry (Click Here)

Art Competition Rules

The following are the rules for entering the #InclusiveNFT contest. It is important to read the rules and procedures before submitting work to us.

Please follow the theme of the competition. This is critical. If you have questions regarding the theme and its interpretation, contact us at InclusiveNFT@nftflo.com. We will help you with the application process.

  • Entrants must agree with the Terms and Conditions at the time of entry.
  • Entries must follow the competition theme.
  • Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome.
  • Each artist can submit only one entry, so give it your best.
  • Competition is open to all 2 and 3-dimensional artists. Any Physical art work will need to be submitted in the form of a digital image. The art will be judged based ONLY on the digital version submitted.
  • Competition is open to amateur and professional artists.
  • Photography & Digital Arts including limited animation are allowed but video is excluded.
  • Entry is open to all. Entrants aged under 18 years must seek parental/carer permission before submitting their entry. By entering, nftflo assumes parental/carer permission has been sought and the parent/carer agrees with the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document.
  • Files must be in JPG, PNG, GIF or MP4 format.
  • Files may not exceed 10MB.
  • The art should not have been previously sold or submitted elsewhere. The entrant affirms that the submission (and any part thereof) is their own work and they own the copyright to their artwork.
  • nftflo reserves the right to remove any entry that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions in any way, or any entry that is deemed offensive, derogatory or racist. As the competition is open to people of all ages and hosted online, the competition website will include a nudity filter. Any artworks featuring full-frontal nudity will not be accepted.
  • You should be legally allowed to participate in such competitions and receive the rewards as per applicable law. Adherence to local law will be the responsibility of the contestant.
  • nftflo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

If you have questions regarding the competition theme or rules, please contact us at InclusiveNFT@nftflo.com.



Winning artists will be selected for the Overall Category. There will be a Special Recognition award for one artist amongst the first 50 entries.

  • The top 5 winning artists will be promoted and circulated over Affiliated Sites and Guaranteed Social Media recognition.
  • The winning images will be seen by an international audience of art collectors and art consultants. News of each winning artist’s participation is also emailed to the over 100K+ subscribers. Those who subscribe to our bulletins include NFT collectors, Crypto traders and Blockchain experts.
  • By having their work on the nftflo website, winning artists should increase exposure to their work, enhance their professional resume and create a high-quality backlink to their own website / social media channels.
  • After the contest closes, the chosen entries will remain in the nftflo website to be viewed by website visitors and be available to be promoted by the artist through their personal art portfolio.
  • nftflo will promote the winning artists via email, online press releases, online event promotions and social media marketing to art collectors and crypto investors.



NO ENTRY FEE !! The contest is open to all, no fees.


The last date for submission is 30th Sept 2021. (Extended from earlier 10th September)


Click on this link to enter. SUBMIT HERE. nftflo uses Google forms to receive and administer all art entries.


Prepare your images before beginning the submission process. Submissions are only accepted via the Google form.

Here is some information to help you when you submit your entries; How to Photograph Your Art the Right Way and How Not to Submit Your Images. In addition, here is a video by Tyler Stalman, produced for Saatchi Online that shows how to reproduce your art.


  • Digital image files must meet the following specifications:
  • JPG, PNG, GIF or MP4 files only
  • Do not send images of your artwork, which are framed or contain watermarks.
  • Here are two sources to resize your images resizeimage.net and webresizer.com.


nftflo may colour correct your images in order to enhance the overall presentation. nftflo may crop your images for formatting purposes for use on the Carousel, Slide Show, Event Catalogue, other off-site slideshows, YouTube presentations, other presentations and for other areas of the website if your images are chosen.



When submitting your entries, we ask that you provide a short bio (1,000 Word Limit), written in the third person. Tell us a little bit about yourself: your artistic training, your artistic inspiration, media choice, any special techniques used, any prior exhibitions… anything that you might like our patrons and visitors to know about you. Also, include your website URL.


NOTE: In the final evaluation, we will select the artist who has provided us with a complete bio, versus an artist who did not, therefore it is important to provide this information to us. Poorly written bios or any bios that have exceeded the word limit will be edited.



Every artist whose artwork is chosen will have their entry tweeted from the official nftflo twitter account (@NFT_FLO) within 24 hours of their submission.



The artwork submitted to our competitions will be judged based on the following elements of artistic expression:

Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.

Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.

Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme. Overall impression of the art. What is the effect of the artwork in general and as a whole? Overall, does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?

In the event of a tie between two artworks, the panel of judges will determine the winner/s.



Last day for submission of entries is 30th Sept 2021 and the winners will be announced on 5th Oct 2021.



All winning entries will be considered the property of nftflo and the artist agrees not to create copies or derivative work without explicit permission. nftflo will mint the artwork via the nftflo account and the NFT will be configured such that a minimum of 10% royalty is received by the artist with every resale. nftflo reserves the right to retain the winning entries or put them up for resale or offer for creation of derivative art. All purchase inquiries for non-winning entries will be referred directly back to the artist for disposition.



Artist agrees and understands that by submitting their artwork to nftflo that they are opting in and will be placed as a Subscriber and will receive future email announcements and email notices from us. If you want to be removed from this Email Subscriber List, please email us at inclusivenft@nftflo.com and we will remove you immediately from all future email messages.



Artists who submit their artwork to the nftflo website for this art competition and have any of their submitted artwork chosen agree to the following;

That nftflo be granted usage of the chosen artwork, for display, marketing and promotional purposes, and for any future events and that usage of that image(s) may be included in any press releases, event presentations, articles, graphics, slide shows, presentations, event materials and for use on nftflo and affiliated websites.


The artist further agrees that nftflo can maintain an archive of the chosen artwork after the competition for the purpose of a historical documentation and as a record of past themed contests. This archive will be available for public viewing. nftflo will credit each image creator with their Artist Name, File Name, and the Artist Website, if applicable.


No images may be copied or downloaded from the nftflo website without explicit permission.


Artists should read the website’s Terms and Conditions page and entry into any art competition conducted by nftflo, the artist is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the Rules.

Any questions? Contact us at: inclusivenft@nftflo.com


Do Not Use Someone Else’s Submittable Account to Submit Your Entries to Our Art Competitions. This Causes Confusion, Errors and Wastes Time during Our Administration Process.  When we find such entries, we will Reject the Artist’s Entire Submission.   Thank You for your Cooperation.

Privacy and publicity:

nftflo will collect, manage, use and disclose personal information in accordance with all relevant local legislation and standards. Nftflo will not disclose any part of information collected or posted as part of the art competition to any outside organisation unless approved by you or as authorised under law. nftflo will take reasonable steps to securely store your information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access.

Entries may be promoted by nftflo and their affiliates on their website and social media platforms, and in their newsletter. By entering, entrants give permission for nftflo and affiliates to promote their entry and name on the nftflo.com and affiliated websites, social media and other platforms at the discretion of nftflo.

nftflo may ask the winners of the competition to participate in media interviews and promotion of the award.

This competition is no way associated with, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform where promotional material may be shared.


Submit your #InclusiveNFT entry (Click Here)

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